Why do you need to participate in Bidding?

Every Government and Public Sector Unit has a huge requirement of the number of products every day to run and fulfill their daily activities.

They listed their requirements and float the bid or tender on their sites and /or authorized Government sites.

Anybody can participate in those of Tenders. There are ways of participation to those bidding;

  1. Sealed bidding or Offline bidding: where no outside party can access your proposal before you present it to the client/
  2. Online bidding: This is an electronic means by which prospective bidders gain access to information about an RFP posted on the web before bids are due. There’s a lot of advantages that come with each process.

According to New India Samachar, nowadays India set a new record in terms of foreign investment. Dubai has shown interest to invest in Jammu and Kashmir. The Government of Dubai will be going to invest up to $81 billion in the year 2020-21. In seven sectors from Real Estate to Hospitals.

So, as this activity will proceed, RFQs will be floated on their sites and you can grow your business by participating with your products.

It takes a lot of time to participate in a tender or bid. The site offers services to you to participate in tenders or bids. We will help to find the right tender or bid according to your product.

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