Udyam Registration for Micro, Small and Medium Businesses

Udyam Registration is the new and improved system launched by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises to help facilitate MSME growth and provide the necessary support to help them grow, innovate, and help India grow.

Works towards making Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan get success in Government supplies.

Instead of Udyog Aadhar and MSME Registration, now you can get Udyam Certificate. 

What is Udyam Registration?

Udyam Registration is the new and improved system launched by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. It helps facilitate MSME growth and provides the necessary support to all MSMEs in India. The purpose of Udyam is to streamline required support to MSMEs throughout India, to eliminate the middlemen. The government has launched this system where every MSME can register their enterprise and apply to avail its various benefits granted from time to time by the Ministry of MSME.

Let us understand what it is beneficial to get Udyam Registration.

Identity Document: You can use it to open your bank account. And able to apply for various other registrations under other government schemes.

Electronic & Life-time Validity: Udyam Registration is an online document and hence no physical copy. There is no expiry to this document unless you voluntarily apply for cancellation. It’s a one-time process and does not need to renew in the future.

Government e-Marketplace (GeM): Udyam Registration opens the door for MSMEs to register themselves on the GeM Website, where MSMEs can enlist themselves as a supplier for all Government Tenders and requirements.

MSME Samadhaan: The Ministry of MSME has started the MSME Samadhaan portal to assist MSMEs in recovering their bad debts from defaulters. Your Udyam Registration will give you access to this portal.

TReDS Platform: The ministry has launched the TReDS platform to help MSMEs to avail the benefits of this closed network of MSMEs throughout India. 

Various Schemes by the Ministry of MSME: The Ministry of MSME introduces many schemes to facilitate the growth of the MSME sector in India. Udyam Registration is the only way that grants direct access to these schemes. A few types of these schemes are Credit Guarantee Scheme, Protection against delayed payments, additional edge in Government Tenders, Public procurement policy.

Priority Sector Lending Eligibility: After obtaining Udyam Registration, the MSME automatically becomes eligible for priority sector lending from various Banks that have signed MoU with the Ministry of MSME. These guidelines are issued by the RBI and according to the RBI. Currently, the categories under private sector lending are: Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise.

Register with Udyam. It makes it easy to get registered with GeM and grow your business with Government supplies.

We are here to help and support your business for GeM Tenders and or Government as well as Public Sector Units Tenders or bids. 

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