The Ultimate Guide To Start With Tender/Bid Submission

Pune is a  India’s one of the fastest emerging Smart Metro City as well as Pune is a highly Industrialized City. So, Bidflakes decides to grow business of those Industries like the Big, middle & Small Companies. In terms of adequacy of capital and the quality level of assets those Companies are considered to have clean and strong records in Pune.

Bidflakes is a growing and service provider, located in Pune. Bidflakes offers consultancy services regarding participation of and respond to Government sectors   as and when required in terms of various bids / Tenders. Bidflakes supports you to grow efficiently with fulfilment of Government departments, P.S.U.s, Railways  requirements.

The main moto of Bidflakes is mainly Service and support as chief consultancy for various Government projects.

Our services :

  • Tender information service
  • Tender bidding support
  • Vendor Registration
  • GeM Registration

Thus, Bidflakes will really set a landmark of excellence, traceability and successful Service provider in the City. It always go for initiating good practices, standard and also developing a proper and safety mechanisms in order to earned profits and goodwill.

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