GeM Sahay – Mobile App on Google play

Many times discussed point in National Public Procurement Conclave [NPPC] 2021, is that shortage of money. Even if any Manufacturer or Resellers are selected as L1 and the amount of Purchase orders is comparatively high, then the finance problem arises for small-scale or medium-scale companies to complete the order.

Considering the situation, GeM has developed GeM Sahay mobile application. Through it any company, rather it is small scale or medium scale or manufacturer or re-seller, everyone can get financial support from the GeM.

The application can be download from this link:

The criteria decided by the GeM, to get a loan against a Purchase order is :

  1. The GeM sellers who are sole proprietors and on GSTN
  2. Sellers with transactions with the GeM in the last 12 months
  3. Do not raise invoices for Purchase Orders that you wish to finance.
  4. Ensure that Purchase Orders are accepted at least three hours opting for GeM Sahay in the Profile section
  5. Only Purchase Orders with payment type PFMS – Public Financial Management System and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) online account will show
  6. For availing of financing through a lender who is not your primary banker or through an NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies) on the GeM Sahay platform, you must have an Udyam Certificate issued by the Ministry of MSME India.

So, do get registered with the GeM and grow your Business.

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